Darkness draws in on the Hearthlands - its mountains and moors dusted with the first snows of the season.

The veil between worlds is at its thinnest in the fleeting time between the Night of the Unseen, and the winter solstice - this is the time when the light dims and prepares for the year’s last breath. These days, when the veil is thin, are given to the gods.

But amidst celebrations of the festival of the gods, news spreads across the lands - from the Fire Mountains to the Keldaran Channel. The Queen has sent ravens throughout all the Hearthlands to raise banners, not for war, but a great moot. All shieldkin, from Jarl to plowman, have been summoned for the great council - such a gathering of shieldkin has never been seen in these lands.

The festival of the gods is overshadowed by graver matters. These are desperate times, and not all enemies can be faced on a battlefield.

How will the darkness come? And how will the Hearthguard answer?