Basics of Character Creation

When choosing a character name and story, remember, simple is usually better. It is expected that you choose a character name. This can help the transition of leaving the mundane world behind you and help you fully immerse in the rich world of Adrasil. You may also want to have a realistic back story, as well as one that fits into the realm of the Hearthlands, its adventures, and lore.

Creating your character...

With a simple backstory, you can react to real in game actions to help guide you as a character. If you want an elaborate backstory, feel free to do that as well!

Hearthlands is a “low fantasy world.” This means that while there are rumors that fantastic races and beasts (elves, dragons, orcs etc.) existed at the beginning of our world, none live there now. Even the healers use medical knowledge rather than magical knowledge.

There are no “classes” per-say, as in some adventure games, but your personas and the paths you take may be diverse and are of your own choosing. We do encourage players to play to their strengths in character creation. As much as possible, be “medieval you.” Choosing a character you already have the skills for will help with immersion.

For example, If you have never shot a bow before but want to play an archer, perhaps you create a story of a new recruit or young adventurer rather than a legendary bowman. Otherwise you may end up looking a bit silly in battle!

The fantasy world you step into is a shared creation. Your character may or may not have an accent, it is entirely your choice. Experimenting with an accent is fun - and it’s a fantasy world, so why not?

Though each human is the center of their own universe, remember that this is a team sport, and creating a character that helps and supports members of your team will allow for the best experience for both you and your teammates. As with everything at Hearthlands remember to keep it realistic, well-grounded, and easy to play throughout the entire event.