Guilds + Orders

Find out more about the Guilds & Orders that enrich life in the Hearthlands

Merchants Guild

The great markets of the Hearthlands are bustling epicenters of not just the trade of goods, but information. The merchants guild not only proffers wares in the marketplace, but is said to be the best source of information when you need it. Tread carefully though; everything has its price.

Players may bring goods to barter in the player ran Raven's Gift Marketplace. From drawings to bread to tunics or armor, just keep in mind that items must be approved and in-game historically passing. Items in the marketplace are to be bartered at players' discretion, not sold for real world or in-game currency.

The Gothi

The Gothi are the spiritual leaders of the Old gods in the Hearthlands. Nine represent the pantheon, one shieldkin for each god. The Gothi are looked to as interpreters of the gods’ will, and they often look to the natural world to read signs and omens. The spiritual leaders are of great influence in the Hearthlands, and the Queen and her Jarls often lend them listening ears for guidance.

Queen’s Council

With the ruling of the Hearthlands, the Queen has sought the wisest of our shieldkin to serve on a council. The Queen’s Council are arbiters of wisdom and are often looked to for their insights and their council, especially in such dark times as these. There are seven seats on the council:

  • The Oathsworn
  • Keeper of the gods
  • Master of coin
  • Keeper of the histories
  • Master of healing
  • Keeper of the Queen’s justice
  • Master of the Hearth

The Draugr

With omens of the coming Scourge, the Hearthguard seek to protect their home and people in many ways. In the days since the Queen's return from the Wode Wood, some shieldkin have turned to zealotry in the face of darkness. Chiefest among them are the Draugr. Some have heard rumors that they are mortally wounded warriors that have been brought back to life using old magics to serve the gods on the mortal plane. The Draugr look to protecting the Hearthlands through any means necessary, and are regarded as shock troops amongst the most elite soldiers of Adrasil.

The Draugr are not contained by Jarldom or Thane but fight amongst the rest of the Hearthgaurd, shadows in the ranks of our shieldkin.

The Oathsworn

The Oathsworn are the elite honor Guard of Queen Tove, founded in the days after Duke Killian joined the Order of Luminos and Tove became Jarl. Raven saw the Jarl as unprotected and vulnerable in such unsure times and so took up his sword and shield and swore to protect Jarl Tove. When Tove became Queen, Raven saw the need of a stronger force to guard the queen. And so several proven warriors amongst their shieldkin were called on, and the Oathsworn were born.

As the Hearthguard grew, so did the threat against Queen Tove. The Oathsworn expanded, divided between two groups named the Queen’s Sword and the Queen’s Shield


The Men-at-Arms, a security and order focused group, was established in YL 1122 in the Hearthlands by Hersirs-at-Arms Torbjorn, Tarik Blood-Eye, and Kjartan Rollosson following the Third Battle of the Thornwoods. Their creation was a response to the need for enhanced security at military encampments during ongoing conflicts. Alongside Hrӕgammr the Steward, they developed a reliable guard force, contributing significantly to the safety and order within the Hearthlands, particularly during military campaigns.

Each Hersir-at-Arms holds specific responsibilities within different Jarldoms: Fänrik Kjartan Rollosson ensures the safety of travel routes and defends the borders in the Fire Mountains; Tarik Blood-Eye focuses on training recruits and maintaining gate security in Lannock; Torbjorn is dedicated to overseeing security and resource protection in the Mines of Murnock and monitoring the northern border with Olaran.

Despite current peace, the presence of the Men-at-Arms continues to be crucial in the Hearthlands, providing reassurance to the populace amidst uneasy times. The Hersirs-at-Arms are committed to expanding their ranks to enhance their service to the Hearthguard and the citizens of the Hearthlands.