What is the Hearthlands event?

   - The Hearthlands is a carefully crafted three day immersive event. Step into the country of the Hearthguard set in the world of Adrasil, a low fantasy, medieval, human world where warring factions fight and scheme for dominance. The Hearthlands is a continuation of the Weekend Warrior universe and a chance for the Hearthguard to tell their own story in their own lands. No matter if you are an experienced fighter or have never picked up a sword in your life, the Hearthlands is where warrior, craftsman, and storyteller can put their skills to use.

When and where is the event taking place?

       - The event is scheduled for November 8-10th, 2024, at Cross H Farm, 721 Little Mountain Rd, Anderson, SC.

    How can I purchase tickets?

         - Tickets are will be available for Veteran Players on June 15th at 12pm noon via an email with a hidden link, and for New Players on July 15th, 2024 under the Tickets tab of the website.  Ticket cost is $345 plus a 5% SC Admissions Tax.

      Can I rent a Kit?
         - Yes! The Fell & Fair Shop offers Kit rentals along with options to rent tents, and weapons. You may rent them here.

      What is included with my ticket?

           - Your Hearthland ticket includes access to the event from 12pm, Nov 8th to 5pm, Nov 10th. Six (6) themed meals: Friday supper, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, Saturday supper, Sunday breakfast, Sunday lunch (including feastware). Access to camping area (either in-game or out of game) that includes Porta-Johns. 

        Early check-in is available for purchase and allows you to arrive to the property as early as Thursday, Nov 7th at noon EST.

        Are my tickets refundable?

           - Due to the nature of this event, all ticket sales are final - no refunds are permitted.  We do allow tickets to be transferred to another player until Oct 15th, 2024.

        All transfers must be confirmed via email with contact@hearthlandsevent.com.

        How much physical activity is involved when I participate in the Hearthlands Event?

        Participation in the Hearthlands event demands a certain level of physical fitness due to the nature of the activities involved. From the rigors of medieval combat to the challenges of navigating the event's terrain, attendees will be engaged in activities that require stamina, strength, and agility.

        We strongly advise all participants to ensure they are in good physical condition before attending. This is not only to enhance your experience but also to ensure your safety and the safety of others. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, please consult with a healthcare professional prior to committing to the event.

        What is the difference between Weekend Warrior Experience and Hearthlands?

             -  Where Weekend Warrior Experience takes place in Olaran and involves many factions, and now many countries, the Hearthlands takes place in the homeland of the Hearthguard. The Hearthguard are the only playable faction here, and whether you have never been to an event or always wanted to join the Hearthguard, this is the chance to step into their world. Never fear, the Hearthlands will still be filled with feasting and fighting and political turmoil, just like at Weekend Warrior Experience. If you have attended Weekend Warrior and intend for your character to attend the Hearthlands, just keep in mind that they are a Hearthguard at this event, there are no “spies” allowed. 

          What roles can I play at the event?

               - Players can choose at the time of ticket purchase to be a combatant or a healer/noncombatant.

            Are there any costume guidelines?

                 - Yes, detailed costume guidelines can be found on our Clothing + Armor page.

              What are the combat rules?

                   - You can find a detailed breakdown on our website under the Combat Rules section.

                Are there any camping guidelines?

                     - Participants are encouraged to camp in designated areas, and we have specific guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. Check our Travel + Stay section for more information.

                  How can I get in touch for more queries?

                       - For any further questions or clarifications, please visit our Contact page and fill out the contact form. Our team will get back to you promptly.