Healing Rules

All healing will be executed through role play. Once a player has received a wound, before that wound can be healed, the player must be attended by a Healer (see Combat + Safety Rules for information regarding receiving wounds). All wounds are healed by applying and removing a bandage. Bandages are a limited resource, so obtaining a sufficient supply will be critical to gameplay. Bandages are applied either in the field or at the field hospital. Bandages can only be removed by healers in the field hospital or on the field.

Who are Healers?

Healers are noncombatant players who have the ability to fully restore wounded players at a hospital or in the field. They are easily identified by the purple badges they wear.

Healers are key role players at the event. They are the glue that holds us all together. As a healer, you are a noncombatant and get to move through the different factions with immunity, gather and share information, as well as help shape the course of conflict!

  • Healers may not be attacked, killed, or wounded. If a player hits a healer (or other noncombatant) with their weapon, they are required to lose all health and hit points until resuscitated by a healer.
  • Healers may not assassinate other players.
  • Healers may choose to remain at the field hospital or enter the fray to heal their faction members. Please note: if you do choose to enter the combat zone, there is a chance you may be accidentally struck! You are not a target, but battles can get chaotic!
  • By removing a bandage at a hospital or the in the field, healers restore a player to full health (and their armor points are also restored).
  • Healers will be identified with either surgical aprons or white healer’s hoods, which they are required to wear on the battlefield. The official “white” (natural) cloth used by healers can be found here. No players wearing these items may be attacked. They also receive a purple badge and gold pin from the Healers Guild upon arrival.