The History of the Hearthlands...

Throughout the years, the Hearthguard has transitioned from a faction deeply embedded in the kingdom’s military and political fabric to an independent entity with its own land, leadership, and ambitions, signifying a substantial shift in the power dynamics of the realm.

Through the years...

2017-2018: The Hearthguard, under Duke Killian’s leadership, is involved in significant political and military strife following the assassination of King Osric and Queen Helena of Olaran. Duke Killian, seeing the throne as his birthright, engages in power struggles, particularly during King Randar’s quest for the Sword of Hope. Tensions escalate when the Hearthguard, led by Duke Killian, openly defy King Randar, leading to internal conflict among the factions. After a great betrayal by the Rangers, their alliance with Hearthguard is broken.

2018-2019: During the expedition to find the Sword of Hope, the Hearthguard become embroiled in further conflict, particularly with the Rangers and the Sea Lords. After a series of skirmishes and political maneuvering, Duke Killian’s claim to regency is challenged, leading to further divisions.

2020: Duke Killian faces a significant setback when he is found guilty of treason, stripped of his titles, and exiled, only to be offered a chance to redeem himself through the Order of Luminos. This event marks a turning point, leaving Jarl Tove to take over leadership of the Hearthguard in Killian's absence.

2021-2022:The Hearthguard, now evolving from a mere faction into a more autonomous entity, seeks recognition and land for their growing populace. They ally with the Sea Lords, highlighting a shift from their previous loyalty to the throne towards a more independent stance. The Hearthguard’s desire for autonomy and recognition culminates in their declaration of independence and establishment of the Hearthlands and a declaration of Tove as their Queen.

2023:The Hearthguard assert their new status and ally with the Sea Lords once again. Queen Tove and her Jarls decide the defense of their own territories is of higher importance than foreign wars and pull their forces back to the Hearthlands, with Queen Tove leading them towards a new future.

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