Saga of the Old Gods

The Pantheon


Domain: Mischief and Merriment

Defining Features: “The Trickster God.” Shapeshifter. Almost always depicted smiling. Often depicted wielding swords, or daggers.

Animal Associations: Snake, Racoon


Domain: Love, Healing, and Cycles

Defining Features: Matriarch of the Gods. Reveals herself to humans as either a maiden, a mother, or a crone. Often depicted with a staff.

Animal Associations: Cats (maiden), Doe (mother), Tortoise (crone)


Domain: Death, the Forgotten

Defining Features: “The Forgotten Shepherd.” Forgotten by all gods except Asta and Aifur. Claims the souls of those found unworthy by Verda. Often depicted with a shepherd’s crook.

Animal Associations: Owl, Opossum


Domain: The Wilds and the Hunt

Defining Features: Mother of the Berserkers. Associated with hunting and foraging. Often depicted with a bow and quiver of arrows.

Animal Associations: Wolf


Domain: Water

Defining Features: Associated with the ocean and rivers. Keeps the souls of those who die at sea in her domain. Often depicted with a spear.

Animal Associations: Octopus


Domain: Mountains, Crafting, Industry, and Hard Work

Defining Features: “The Smithy God.” Gifted the runic alphabet to humans. Often depicted with ram horns and a great hammer.

Animal Associations: Ram


Domain: War and Wisdom

Defining Features: Patriarch of the Gods. Left eye replaced with the eye of Thrasia. Often depicted with antlered helm and spear.

Animal Associations: Bears, Stags

Thrasia (Antagonist)

Domain: Destruction, Chaos

Defining Features: The “First of the Dragons,” and the “Mother of Lies.” She is the enemy of the gods, and of humanity.


Domain: Light, Inspiration, Creation, and the divine spark of humanity

Defining Features: Twin brother of Verda. Associated with fire. Was killed by Thrasia, but healed in the Spring of Val-Noran. Often depicted with a flaming sword.

Animal Associations: Hawk


Domain: Justice

Defining Features: Twin sister of Valan. Judges who may enter Val-Noran. Wings made from the weapons of fallen warriors. Often depicted with sword, spear, and shield.

Animal Associations: Horse